Laboratory 21220 got public IP address Currently, Fery reserved some ports to be opened to internet.


Signed document being attached on application

How to apply for network service like above? Follow these steps:

  1. Login to GLS (Korean version) and go to IT 서비스 option.
  2. Choose menu 신청상태 조회 (View application status).
  3. Click HOST 신청 option to apply.
  4. Fill out all required information.
    • Contact information of 신청자 & 관리자 (Student/Applicant) and 책임자 (Professor).
    • Server information (서버 정보). You can fill it as above.
    • Required ports on 호스트 개방 정보. Fill lab’s IP address on 교내 IP. Specify ports that will be opened. In the example above, we opened several TCP ports only. There are rules regarding this. Port 21, 23, 139 and 445 are not allowed to be opened. Please observe the picture below for your reference.
  5. Save the application and print it. Ask for signature from professor.
  6. Scan the signed document and attach it to the application.
  7. Apply by clicking 신청 button. Wait for confirmation from SKKU IT Center.