Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature allows us to turned computer on remotely. The requirement is the computer is connected using LAN cable and its hardware supports WOL. There should be one node that stays on and capable to send WOL packet to the computer intended to be woken up. Usually it is a router.

In our lab, ipTIME router is available and can be used for this purpose. It has built-in feature. The problem when we were about to implement the WOL, its firmware need to be upgraded.

Upgrading Firmware

To enable ipTIME router wake other node on network, dynamic DNS on router has to be enabled. One problem appears during implementation.

Started with applying for subdomain on Hopefully, it isn’t used yet

It turns out adding subdomain is failed.

When error is inserted to google, one blog appoint the firmware need to be upgraded. At least version 9.52 is needed.


Firmware version before upgrade: 9.36

After upgrading process, here is the appearance of new windows. English becomes the default language.


Having new firmware installed, we can proceed to configure the dynamic DNS.

Configuring DDNS

Previously failed process has become success.


ipTIME WOL Android Application

Then you just need to install ipTIME WOL application from Android playstore and then configure it.

Pictures above show the username, password, and address that should be filled into form.

Pictures above show list of registered router and PCs on each router that can be woken remotely.