Connect to Internet

Our lab is divided into 2 subnetworks. Internet connection on current lab room can be viewed on diagram below.


The university network policy closed all port for incoming traffic by default. Request for opening port can be made through Korean GLS (IT service).

Connect to Printer

Those who are connected on east side using cable or WiFi LAB-310-2, will have IP address 192.168.100.xx. Hence, can automatically detect printer(s) from windows configuration.


Those who are connected to west side using cable or WiFi lab310, will have IP address 192.168.0.xx. To connect to printer, you will have to add printer using a TCP/IP address manually. You can find an example here,

White printer (Brother DCP) has IP address
Black printer (HP 8600) has IP address

Here’s several way of printer usage:

  • Printing on HP 8600
    • If you are connected to WiFi lab-310, you need to configure your computer first in order to connect to HP Printer.
    • Go to printer setting on PC
    • Choose option Add printer manually
    • Choose TCP/IP address printer
    • Insert on printer IP address (port name can be filled anything)
    • Choose the appropriate driver
    • Wait for a moment then you can try to print test page
  •  Scan on HP 8600 (from browser)
    • Access HP Printer address (IP:
    • Choose scan option
    • Make sure the document is put on the scanner glass
    • Click scan
    • After finish, right click on the preview and click save the image