GPU server is located on 5th floor in Engineering 1, 21st building. It can be accessed using Windows remote desktop connection on

GPU wired access

Here is the port forwarding configuration on router in 5th floor laboratory.


It can only be accessed from university network (skku WiFi excluded) as request for opening port is needed to allow access from internet. Please ask another lab member for username and password.


Access for server management can be made using browser to IP public address shown above. This service is a built-in feature in the server hardware. It can be accessed regardless of the presence of OS or BIOS.


Firewall Design

Due to CST installation, we need to limit the internet connection of the server. At the same time remote access ability is desired. Hence, double firewall methods are implemented on the server to make sure there is no packet can be sent by CST software.

Method 1: Windows Firewall

There are 2 main actions:

  • block outbound traffic
  • delete inbound rules added by CST software.

There is no outbound rule added by CST software. Incoming traffic for RDP is allowed by default.


Method 2: Route Table

Considering that this GPU server will be only accessed from university network, the routing table has been modified. First, one rule that allows server to send packets to internet is deleted.

route delete

Second, one rule is added to allow server sending packets to university network only. (

route add mask

Later, when CST software has been uninstalled and internet connection is needed on the server, the routing table has to be modified and command are written in  route_command.txt in the Documents.


Below are additional notes.

SKKU IP Network Information


Wake On LAN (WOL)

This method has been tried in lab. Fery’s PC can be woken up from Android phone which is connected to WiFi LAB-310-2.

There are 3 requirements that have to be fulfilled.

  1. Ethernet Connection
    Server/PC has to be connected to network by Ethernet connection. The server currently is connected to network using wireless adapter. With current server position which is far from the router, a long cable is needed to connect. Or move the server closer to the router is probably a better solution.
  2. One Subnet
    WOL magic packet is sent on data link layer. It can’t be sent from internet. There has to be a device on 5th floor that can send the magic packet to the server. TP-LINK router in 5th floor which doesn’t support WOL.
  3. Hardware Ability
    It is still unknown whether server motherboard support the WOL. The GPU server seems not supporting WOL method, but it has IPMI as shown above.

Regardless of three condition above, air conditioner (AC) has to be turned on during server operation. We think that even if server can be woken remotely, there is still someone needed to turn on the AC.