In case of need to modify people pages (e.g. current member & alumni), here are steps being done on example case (add new member).

    1. Open wp-admin dashboard
    2. Go to Current Member page edit (click Pages menu on left side)
    3. When you see text editor, open the text tab (or HTML tab, not visual tab)
    4. Copy the last one person HTML code (started with people_wrap div class) and paste to the bottom part
        • class_people_wrap.PNG
        • </pre>
          <div class="people_wrap">
          <div class="p_left w3-col m4 l3"><img class="alignnone wp-image-356 size-full" src="" alt="" width="158" height="211"></div>
          <div class="p_right"><dl><dt>Name</dt><dd>홍길동 (Hong Gil Dong)</dd><dt>Education</dt><dd>Master</dd><dt>Research</dt><dd>VLC (Visible Light Communication)</dd><dt>Contact Info</dt><dd> +82-10-9999-2222</dd></dl></div>


    5. Edit the information. To change the picture, choose the visual tab, and then
      • Please resize the image first. Recommended size, width: 158, height: around 200 (not strict)
      • Click the picture and pencil button to edit
      • Click replace and change
    6. Then click update to save the changes